Rules for team assignments

Since you will always be able to see what every team posts, the questions are not going to be things like "Evaluate the sum 2+2" or "Write the set of even integers in set-builder notation" that are closed-ended. Instead, they will require some creativity on the part of your team.

Keep in mind these important rules:

  1. You'll be able to see what other teams have posted, so you are not permitted to give an answer that is essentially the same as one that another team has already posted. You can look at other teams' answers to get a sense of what a question is asking or what an appropriate answer might (or might not) look like.
  2. Sometimes a question will have multiple parts and the directions will say that each team must pick exactly one part to answer. In this case, your team needs to look at what has already been answered, and pick a different part to answer. You should make it clear which part you are addressing with your post.
  3. Never start an edit for the entire page — only the section for your own team.
  4. Never edit the section for any team you are not on. The exception is that you may (and are encouraged to) add to the comments section for any team.
  5. After the assignment due date, the page will be locked and no further edits will be possible.
  6. NEW as of Assignment 2: On each assignment, every person on your team must complete at least one edit to the wiki for the assignment. This could include either contributing to their team's solution, or commenting on another team's solution.

See the "Sample" assignment for an idea of what an assignment might look like.

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