Class Notes

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Class 1 - Monday, August 26th

Today we talked about the process of how knowledge is obtained, specifically in science versus in mathematics. There is also a secondary issue of how/when/why/if we are brought up to understand that process in each of those two cases. We then talked about the issue of indisputable truth, and to what extent such a concept is reasonable. Are mathematical facts like 1+1=2 indisputable? If they are not, then could anything be? If they are, then are indisputable truths possible in any spheres outside of mathematics?

Class 2 - Monday, August 28th

We discussed the 16 statements on page 8 and the degree to which one can confidently justify whether each of them is true or false.

Why is $\mathbb Z$ used for the set of Integers?

It turns out that the German word for "number" is zahlen. Yeah.

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