Welcome to the wiki for MA 301 - Fall 2013.

What is this wiki for? I'm glad I pretended you asked.

  1. Team assignments will be posted to the wiki, and individual teams will edit the sections for their answers. This is how you will turn in your work for the team assignments. If every team you are on receives full credit for every team problem, then over the course of the semester, you would score 500 total wiki points. That would earn you a 100% for the "Wiki contributions" portion of your grade, since it's scored as a percentage out of 500. However, there is no limit to how many wiki points you can accumulate, because…
  2. There are various other places on the wiki you can post things on your own, and receive wiki points for those. Different places where you might contribute things are listed in the sidebar menu on the left.

The actual markdown syntax that wikidot uses is quite straightforward. When you edit a page, useful little buttons will appear for things like itemized lists and boldface text. If you want a more detailed guide to the different things you can do, click here to find one.

Eventually, you'll want to put some mathematics into the wiki, of course. There are buttons you can click to insert an equation, and the math itself is formatted in LaTeX. If you're not familiar with LaTeX, you might try scrolling through this web page to get a sense of the basics. Or look at other math people have posted already.

This wiki system is still new to me, so if you notice anything weird — like things you can edit that you wouldn't expect me to want you to edit — then please let me know!

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